Hal Harris

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Hal Harris is AirOne’s Founder and Chief Flight Instructor. He has been flying “since he was an infant” with his father and uncle, and now has his Commercial Pilot Certificate, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Certificate, CFI-Instrument (CFII), Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI), as well as both Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor Certificates… And his own business. After flying corporate for several years, Hal opened AirOne Flight Academy in 1995, and has been running the show ever since.

Currently, Hal is still very much a hands-on manager, keeping busy among his many interests in AirOne, corporate flying, involvement in the Oklahoma Pilot’s Association, and aircraft sales. In his free time (of which he doesn’t have much!), Hal enjoys riding his Yamaha motorcycle around Oklahoma City and spending time with his family.

Christine Manglicmot

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Christine Manglicmot is our part-time Dispatcher. She works this position on weekends and whenever her mom is off work. Christine is a high school student at Deer Creek High School and has completed Private Pilot ground school and flown several hours with her father.

Christine was born in Manila, Philippines and came to the United States in 2001.

Grace Manglicmot

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Grace Manglicot works part time at AirOne doing airplane flight loading with her mother and sister, helping around the office, fueling planes, and working at the hangar. She came to the USA from the Philippines at age 3, attends Deer Creek Middle School, and enjoyes flying with her dad, Hal.

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